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Blemished & Dented- Pastel Pink Pixelated Heart Ita Bag

$25 $45

This bag is discounted due to blemishes as well as a dented front panel. There is also a line on the front panel that may be noticeable when looking closely. Blemishes may be taken out if cleaned with soap and water, but it is not guaranteed. 


Overall Bag Size:

  • 12 inches in width  
  • 14 inches in height
  • 4 inches in depth
  • (30.48cm x 35.56cm x 10.16cm)


  • 10.5 inches in width
  • 11 inches in height
  • (26.67cm x 27.94cm) 

Adjustable Back-Pack Straps:

  • At their longest : 35" 
  • At their shortest: 20"

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